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FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 12:00am PDT
that area fair? >> they didn't have that many people there. that's because the mayor and the local government had encouraged the visitors as well as the residents to go to safety. they did it. they took their advice. there weren't a lot of people who suffered the impact of ocean city. >> what is your biggest concern right now? >> the wind damage and the potential for flooding when the storm is all -- is completed. >> what about rescues? have you had to undertake any? we have 1200 people in shelters right now. most are on maryland's eastern shore. we have a total of 41 shelters around the state. 37 are operated by our local jurisdictions and four are operated by the state of maryland. >> the power situation? >> the power situation right now , the last figure that i saw, we lost power to 279,000 customers. >> quinten banks, maryland emergency management. best of luck to you, sir. i know at the light of day you will be surveying the damage there. we hope it is not too severe. thank you so much. >> okay. >>> well, more than six million people are still without power. no word on when it
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
with a local fireman and then another lady who picks up the trash in the neighborhood. if they were going to pull the class warfare nonsense they should have been more creative than this. no one hands garbage to their -- gatorade to their garbage man. >> you pick up trash nightly. >> and i hug my garbage n ma, but only -- garbage man, but only from the back. you never want your garbage man reporting. >> that is so true. i always wonder about that, about like what happens -- if somebody doesn't like you, they can go through your trash and -- >> i am so pair -- paranoid i rip them in half and put one in this and one in that. >> thinking they can't put it together. >> i tear it in half and put it in the trash. >> i can pick it up and put it together like an easy jigsaw puzzle. >> i am going to get a shredder. >> mr. gibson, always a pleasure to see you. >> you know what i like about this video? this goi claims he is the invisible people. if you want to be visible. perhaps you shouldn't take a job that requires you to pick up garbage in the middle of the night. be a rocket -- rocquette. what
FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 12:00am PDT
? >> the fact that this is being done at the local level, i have -- here is my prediction. with all of the bans of bad things that we can super, we will show statistics that what that leads to is then the government is passing laws that implement these programs. and then as they become more and more successful, then criminal penalties take affect. >> imagine only 50% are complying with the cheetoes ban. if we just implemented the criminal penalties, we could get everybody to conform, and now people are in jail for eating cheetoes. >> the janitors have to work over time for cleaning up the orange fingerprints and schools are broke and it comes down to the bottom line. >> and you are a mom. shouldn't it be your responsibility. >> my kids eat so much junk, but all things in moderation. you have to choose your battles, and the last thing i want is the school telling me what my kids should or should not eat. but really, they are -- they are a mess. i came in last night and my kids had chocolate. they are sloppy. >> i hope that was chocolate. >> that's why i am here. >> you do put the fit in unfit. t
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
education in america? >> lthe primary responsibility for education is, of course, at the state and local level. but the federal government can play a very important role. i agree with secretary arty duncan and the ideas he has put forward on race to the top -- some of them. >> not all of them. the federal government can get scploal state schools to do a betterrion job. i have add to that, i believe, i want the kids that are getting federal dollars from i.d.e.a. or title 1, disabled kids or poor kids, or lower-income kids, rather, i want them to be able to go to the scoot of their choice. so all federal fund, instead of going to the state or to the school district, i would have go, if you will, follow the child and let the parent and the child decide where to send their student. >> jim: how do you see the federal government's responsibility to, as i say, improve the quality of public education in this country? >> as i have indicated, it has a significant role. in the race to the top program, we have worked with republican and democratic governors to initiate major reforms. >> jim: do you
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)